Old Files: Poems


          They stare at me as I fidget with my fingers,

          I felt my right ear twitch as the awkwardness lingers,

      you stare with those big brown eyes,

If only the cafeteria wasn’t so loud, you would hear my silent cries,


       Four years now and I felt quite brave,

Now that I’m in front of you, I have one foot in the grave,

       Speak, just speak, I could do this,

 If I don’t tell him how I feel, I won’t know what I will miss,


Finally! The words came out,

But it almost came out as a shout

“I liked you since the seventh grade.”

Your silence made me even more afraid.


It was like someone muted the world.

It was so quiet I could hear my stomach swirl.

You stood up with a smile plastered on your face,

     my heart began to race,


What ever you say next will determine my future,

You stepped further and further,

You stepped even closer and our breaths mingled

As your eyes scanned my face, my body tingled,


“I like you too” You say proudly,


I woke up to the sound of my baby brother crying loudly.

I wrote this poem my 10th grade year in high school. The 4th of this month made it 3 years since then. I never was into write poetry, but I always found myself writing down things when I’m in a mood. Sometimes I just write a few poems just  because, maybe that’s why they suck and will never see the light of day.



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