Catch Up!

Where have I  been?

For the past month I have been dealing with a lot of things. With work, it has literally taken over my life, I wake up just to get ready for work, or I would wake up to my sister asking me to make her breakfast. I leave for work at 2:30pm the latest. I leave work at 12am if I am lucky! (The job that I work for is suppose to be unknown to others so it will be a bit hard to explain what I do, all I can say is that I work for customer service) Once I get home I am suppose to start my chores, however, because I get home so late, I have to deal with those chores, fix my hair and put my sister to sleep, so once I get home the next day, I would be too tired to do anything it’s like I can only do 2/3 of those things. Chores and putting my sister to sleep, hair and putting my sister to sleep,  or chores and fixing my hair. it is exhausting, but once pay day comes, that’s when I realize that it was worth it!

You may be wondering why “fixing my hair” could take up my time! Well, I have decided to go on a full on natural hair journey. I have been natural for almost 2 years and yet no-one has gotten to see my mane before this month because I would always wear weave. I decided that I needed my hair to breath and be free! My plan is to have my hair out for a month (December 19th). Then I will put in some protective hairstyles like how I use to.The only difference is, as I go through this month, I am learning more and more everyday how to take care and get to know my hair. That will help me for when I am too busy to get my hair done so I can just take it out and fix it up how I am doing now! Ever since I had my hair out, I have been receiving so many compliments, this kind of boosted my self esteem in a way. I wear things that I would not have been confident in two weeks ago, I see my self in a better light, and I am taking more pictures/videos. In high school, I was scared that people would make fun of how my hair looked. It’s not long, and it is very hard to maintain, that is why I always wore weave. I have started this journey last Thursday and I already love myself more than I did last Wednesday.

Career wise, I have always thought about only writer papers and having it published. I have been recommended by many to do actual interviews like on talk shows. I was a bit skeptical at first, then I realized how that can boost my career. I don’t have any ideas on how I’m going to do them, but I do have some of my supplies ready, the rest, I am just waiting to get the money to pay for it. The thought of doing this excites me. Journalism has been my passion for a few years, and I am glad that I figured that out before graduating High School. I know most people who are in their Junior year of college and they still don’t know what their passion is. I’m glad someone has opened my eyes to something that makes me happy, there isn’t much that can make me happy like Writing/Journalism. With my job schedule it makes it almost impossible to even look at my blog! I am currently typing this during my break and I doing great for a 15 minute break. If I can do this everyday it would be great! I will be posting my interviews on my youtube channel, I will announce the Channel when it is all set up.

This year has been a roller coaster for me. I have had my ups, and I have most definitely had my downs. As the year gets close to the end, It is getting a bit better for me, that may mean that 2019 could be my year! I hope and pray that it is.

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