Aussie Mega Moist Review

Growing up with thick 4c hair has been a real hassle for me. After all the hot combs, flat irons blow dryers, perms, relaxers, I realized my hair was not growing the way I wanted it to. April of 2017 i cut off my permed ends and left the natural hair that already grew out,I have always been scared to cut my hair to the point where I was bald. After cutting my hair you already know I had a hair appointment the next day, ever since then I wore braids, box braids, corn rows( There was even a time a hairstylist literally snatched my edges, this made me HATE getting cornrows) 

The products I used weren’t helping me manage my hair either, they would tangle my hair or just dry it out. I found one brand that I fell in love with at first, Lotta Body! Oh my gosh, first of all the smell was amazing and it defined the curls I never knew I had, however it didn’t keep my hair moisturized. More than a year later, I think I may have found my Holy Grail.

Aussie Mega Moist Shampoo & Conditioner

I discovered this product from a you tuber who her wash n’ go routine and she used Aussie. I’ve seen some others use it, but I really thought it was for more…if i’m going to be honest I thought it was more for Caucasian people. Once I saw her use it, she says that it has more slip, meaning it detangles the hair in a way and she also said that it keeps her hair moisturized. I thought to  myself, what can be the harm of it, especially because it was only around $8 at target.

The day I received it I used it the night of. The shampoo went through my hair very fairly. Usually it would take about four to five squirts of shampoo to get through my thick hair, with Aussie it took only 2 squirts. It smells great, not really better than Lotta Body, but it doesn’t have?” that, “I hope no one can smell this.” type of smell.  Even with the shampoo I was able to run my hands through my hair with out my fingers getting stuck. It took a while to rinse off obviously because of my thick hair, however when I finally got to get all the shampoo out, my hair and scalp felt really clean and moisturized.

Now for the conditioner! THE CONDITIONER. Oh my God! There was definitely some slickness in the product, it felt like it coated each and everyone of my hair strands perfectly. I ended getting lazy and didn’t feel like washing it out after the 3-5 minutes, I ended falling asleep with it in my hair. Don’t kill me, I don’t know if much people do this, but I’m glad I did. The next day I washed it out and let me tell you! My hair usually gets very tangled up even after having conditioner in my hair. With this conditioner, after washing it out, there were legit no tangles. I combed my fingers through my hair with no problem at all! I was actually scared to put any other product in my hair, like what if it doesn’t get as soft and manageable again? As of now I have my curling rods in my hair, half of yesterday and the whole day of today. I start work at 3, so I’m not really sure how this will turn out. Hopefully it turns out great! I will absolutely be buying more products from Aussie!

Rating: 11 out of 10, Recommend to all girls and guys with 4c hair, or just unmanageable hair in general                                                               I purchased this for a great deal at Target

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