Timmy’s Friend

Short Story By: Rikenya Bramble

    I met little Timmy on his 5th birthday. He was on the swings alone, and I noticed how sad and desolated he looked. I decided to go up to him to cheer him up. 

“Hi, my name is Frankie, what’s yours?” I asked.

    Timmy looked up at me and frowned. “T-t-timmy.” He must be nervous. “You know you don’t have to be scared of me, I don’t bite.” I assured him. “Unless you take my hot wheels.” 

Timmy giggled and reached into his pocket. “I have a hot wheel too!” 

We started to play with our toy cars when I decided to ask him, “Why are you by yourself?” 

Timmy sniffed and wiped his nose with the back of his hand. “No one came to my birthday party, so I ran away.” I gaped at him. 

“You ran away from home? You can’t do that. Your parents must be worried, come on let’s go back.” I walked him home and his mother seemed relieved when she saw him. Ever since that day we did everything together, we ate, slept, played and we even bathed together.

   I have been Timmy’s only friend for a few years until he started middle school. That’s where he met James. I admit I was a bit jealous of the time Timmy spent with James, but I got over it when I realized how irritable I was being. 

    One day Timmy brought James over to his house to study and I wanted to play, but he didn’t acknowledge me one bit. I just left and waited for him to call me, and he did! But it was near bedtime, so all we had time to do was watch one episode of Codename Kids Next Door and get ready for bed.

   While lying in bed I questioned Timmy. “Is James your new best friend?” Timmy gave me a shocked look and shook his head. “Frankie, you are my only bestfriend, no one can ever take your place.” He gratified me with his statement, leaving an enormous grin on my face until I fell asleep.

When Timmy started 8th grade, James began to act different.

   He started to smoke marijuana, quaff alcohol, shoplift, fight in school and… well you get the gist. 

  James imbued Timmy into doing some of those things, this disappointed me. I would try to stop him, but he would ignore me like he doesn’t hear or see me when he is with James.

    Although I was upset with James, I bear no animosity towards him, because my hatred will not change him. 

  Timmy got caught once, he was grounded for two weeks. I overheard him and his parents arguing about it and Timmy went berserk. 

“You can’t do this, it wasn’t even me!” Timmy’s acrimonious behavior surprised me, I have never seen him act this way. 

  “Timmy, what is going on with you? I have never seen you act so hostile.” Timmy’s mother cried out. 

  “Tim, you’re making your mother cry, whose influencing you to be like this? Is it because of the rap music? Is it 25th Savage, or…or that Kodak camera guy? Whoever it is, stop associating yourself with them.” 

“But, he…” Timmy’s dad gave him a look causing Timmy to stomp off to his room. 

When he walked in he went towards his closet. “Timmy?” He froze and turned toward me. “Why are you behaving like James? He is only going to get you in even more trouble, maybe next time it won’t be your parents who catches you in the act.” 

He frowned and sat on the edge of the bed. “I-I just wanted friends.” “But you have me.” He looked at me again and shook his head. “You’re different Frankie, you’re…” He froze mid-sentence and looked down. “You’re right.” 

  Since that day Timmy changed back to his old self for some reason. It’s like he really thought about what I said. He started reading books again, becoming the bibliophile that he once was before James, he did his chores and he even cooked for his family. 

            I am glad Timmy desisted his bad behavior before it got worse.

 When Timmy started high school he continued to do more good deeds, volunteering at nursing homes for service hours, helping his mom out around the house and even joined a few clubs like Drama and Photography. 

I was very proud of Timmy’s upheaval, but I felt something and it wasn’t a good feeling.

    I felt like I was vanishing. Each good act he has done, made me feel like I was eluding the world.

   I wanted to tell Timmy about my problem, but he was on a field trip with his photography club. I feel like this whenever he distances himself from me.

  Then I realized something, Timmy is growing up. I became his antiquated friend, who he doesn’t need anymore. 

It’s time for me to leave.

 I’m glad that I was a good influence to him. I could leave in content knowing that he is going to grow up successfully

 “Goodbye Timmy.”

  It has been eleven years since I have seen Frankie. 

   One day, I am telling him I will see him when I get back from my trip, the next day he is gone.

   I asked my parents if they have seen him, but it seemed like they thought I was demented.

“Timmy, do you still talk to your imaginary friend?” My dad asked. “If so, we can take you to a facility.” 

I frowned. “Imaginary friend?” I mean that explained a lot. He never went to school with me, he was always at my house and my friends, that I brought over, never noticed him. 

  Now, I am twenty-six years old with a bachelor’s degree in photography. I married my high school sweetheart, Jamilah, we met when I was a senior and she was a junior.

 I was assigned to take pictures of the dance team for the yearbook and once I laid my eyes on her I knew she was the one. 

We attended the same college and had a child three years after Jamilah graduated.

 Her name is Ava and she acts just like me when I was younger, shy, quiet and doesn’t have any friends. I try to get her to talk to the kids at the park so that she would be more social, but she would always just pull out her book and read. 

“Daddy! Daddy!” Ava came running up to me with excitement. “I made a new friend, his name is Frankie!”   


I wrote this short story for my English IV Honors class about more than a year ago. The task was to write a 1500 word story using, I believe 20 out of many other vocabulary words we’ve learned through out the school year. When everyone else heard 1500 words they were all groaning and complaining, but ME? 1500 words was nothing. This assignment was one of my favorites my english teacher assigned us EVER and he was my teacher for 9th grade AND 12th grade.

The vision behind this short story kind of reflects off of me, being the only child for a few years of my childhood was kind of lonely so I would sometimes play School, board games, and other games as such by myself. I figured that is why this story was so easy for me to plan and write,

This is the first story that I was able to finish in under a month, however I am not fond of how it ended, I think it could’ve ended better, but I do have plenty of time to edit it. I’m just glad that I was able to complete this and I am also glad that my classmates liked it when it was read in front of them, including the other family/friends who read this. I hope you guys enjoy, feedback very much so is accepted. Thanks for reading!

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