July Bucket list

Ladies and Gentlemen It is officially the month of fireworks, waterparks, freeze pops, and sunny rain showers. And let’s not forget that this month is my birth month. Around this time of year, I always feel happiness even if nothing happens, it’s like a energy that I get once the 1st hits. This year I would like to change what I do for the month of July. I realized how old I was turning and looking back I can’t seem to remember having the time of my life and just letting loose. I’ve created this list of activities that I wish to enjoy before the month ends.

31 activities for the month of July

  1. Go out of state
  2. Go to the beach
  3. Night swim
  4. Make homemade pizza
  5. Water Balloon fight
  6. Go Roller Skating
  7. Go Bowling
  8. Baking Contest
  9. Play Man Hunt
  10. Have a Picnic date
  11. Roast S’mores
  12. Go to an amusement park
  13. Sleep under the Stars
  14. Get a Mani-Pedi
  15. Go to the Zoo
  16. Eat Ice Cream
  17. Watch Fireworks
  18. Make Lemonade
  19. Get a new Bathing Suit
  20. Watch a sunset/ sunrise
  21. Go to Central Park
  22. Make Tacos
  23. Start and finish a short story
  24. Go on a Bike Ride
  25. Eat Italian Ice
  26. Finger Paint
  27. Geta free Slurpee at 7-eleven on 7/11
  28. Eat Watermelon
  29. Make Tie-dye shirts
  30. Have a home spa day
  31. Have a great 19th Birthday

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