High End vs. Low End

Kylie High Gloss vs. Colourpop

My favorite makeup product is lip gloss. If you were to see one of my drawers a few months ago you would see that they were filled with different types of lip products; lip gloss, lip stick, liquid lipstick, chap stick, but mostly lip gloss. However I did have to throw some of them away, I’m able to fit my gloss in two makeup pouches. (I’m doing pretty good)

My current favorite lip gloss brand is Colourpop. They never disappointment me with their moisturizing formula, it’s not too slick and it lasts all day. I’ll sometimes put on a little before I go to need just so that I could. This post will not be about me bragging about Colourpop, althought I should do that…hmm. I made a purchase today that I’ve always wanted to make once I have money. I purchased a Kylie Cosmetic High Gloss. That’s not the product I initially wanted to buy, but they didn’t have the color I wanted so I got the next big thing…

Kylie Cosmetics- Yess Girl

I was a bit surprised by the outcome of this product. It has a sticky texture, but not too sticky and it’s slick. That’s what kind of pushes me away from this gloss, it moisturizes while it is on, but when you take it off, it leaves your lips soft, but not as soft as you would want it to be. Overall, I love the lip gloss, It’ll last a while and it looks really good on me. I was scared that it would be too pigmented with the gold glitter, but it’s only a sheer glittery gloss, EXACTLY my type of lip gloss. I’m not a big fan of pop color,so, props to you Kylie for this High Gloss, I will definitely purchase this again!

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Price: $16.00 USD in store (Ulta Beauty) and online.

Colourpop- Dreamaholic

Just like Kylie’s High Gloss, I was turned off by the shade before purchase, but something told me to try it out. (And it wasn’t the Ulta Beauty associates) Looking at the swatches above, you will see where I am coming from, it looks…pale? This picture doesn’t do this gloss any justice, when I applied it, it appeared a sheer iridescent shade. It’s not as pale as I thought it was, but it could probably be based on how much you put on. Which luckily for me is one pump. With just that, your lips are left moisturized as long as you want. Comparing the moisture to the High Gloss, when wiping off colourpop’s gloss you can still feel the natural oils left from it. I will continue to purchase more gloss, that’s if I haven’t bought all the shades yet.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Price: $7 in store (Ulta Beauty) and Online.

Moral of the story not all Wallet friendly/Cheap product is a bad thing and also some expensive products ARE worth what it’s cost.

If you would like for me to review other products, please leave a comment below or contact me through the “Advice/Ideas” Tab in the menu bar above!

7 thoughts on “High End vs. Low End

  1. Emily Ryan says:

    I have a few of the Kylie lip kits but haven’t tried her gloss yet. I hear so much good stuff about Colourpop though so you have inspired me to have a try myself! Thank you for your honest reviews, lovely post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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