It’s almost that time of year, my favorite time of year, Spooktober! Growing up I was forced to watch scary movies by my big brother and little sister, Jason, Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Michael Myers, don’t get me started on The Grudge. I guess I just got used to horror, I began to love October for more than just getting candy. I also have an excuse to dress up anyway that I like.

For this month I would like to participate in a blogging challenge called Scriptober? Scriptober is a writing challenge for the month of October. It’s basically for writers who would like to ‘exercise’ their creativity with writing. We follow each prompt for each day. This challenge is also a great way to be consistent with your blog. I would like to shout out Emily for giving me this awesome idea her blog is amazing! Here are the prompts below:

Scriptober Prompt

  1. Monthly Goals
  2. Fall Bucket List
  3. Why you love Halloween
  4. Autumn Accessories
  5. Autumn Wardrobe
  6. Favorite Horror Movies
  7. Autumnal Makeup
  8. Haunted Maze/House Experience
  9. Blogging Advice
  10. Cozy Self Care
  11. Creepy Crafts
  12. DIY Halloween Costumes
  13. Fall food
  14. Fall Home Decor
  15. Fall Photographs
  16. Favorite Fall Candles
  17. Favorite Villain
  18. Monthly Gratitude List
  19. Halloween Decorations
  20. Halloween Events in Your Area
  21. Halloween Makeup Tutorial
  22. Halloween Playlist
  23. Halloween Party
  24. Horror/Thriller Books
  25. Local Urban Legends
  26. Paranormal Experiences
  27. Pumpkin Carving
  28. Superstitions Spotlight (Are there any you believe in?)
  29. What’s in your bag?
  30. Your Halloween/Autumns Traditions
  31. Monthly Update

The Challenge

  1. Thank the person who nominated you (but you don’t have to be nominated first to participate!) and provide a link back to their blogging site & this original #Scriptober 31 Day October Blogging Challenge page in your post.
  2. Use at least one of the Blog Prompts to create your post
  3. Nominate 5 or more bloggers to do the same
  4. Notify the nominees about their nomination via their blog or social media
  5. Retweet, Follow, Like, Comment: engage with as many bloggers who take part and use the #scriptober hashtag as you can (In the hopes to build a friendly little community of likeminded bloggers this Autumn!).

I would like to Nominate:

  1. Athena Christy
  2. Divyanshi Sharma
  3. Tiffany Bowers
  4. Trina
  5. Lusine
  6. Thkeya
  7. Anyone who would love to partcipate!

I hope ya’ll enjoy this challenge as much as I anticipate myself to enjoy it. Have Fun and Happy Fall!

4 thoughts on “Scriptober

  1. Emily Ryan says:

    I’m so happy you want to take on the challenge! Dont get me started on the grudge either, I watched far too many horror movies too young 😂 I really look forward to reading your posts. Happy Halloween 🎃


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