About the Blogger(Part 2)

Hi Guys! If you read part 1 of the About the Blogger post, I just wanted to inform you that there are a lot of moments, people I have missed and wanted to add, but that would drag the post and may bore some of you. I just might write an autobiography in the near future

This post will basically be about how I grew after high school graduation, why I have yet to start college, etc. Now grab your snacks and drinks and follow along with me on this ride of my life.


I never really thought I was the brightest light bulb in the bunch. I have never made straight A’s in high school no matter how hard I worked. I just couldn’t turn that 79% to a B or that 89% to an A, I really tried. Out of all the colleges I applied to I was only accepted to 3, Bethune Cookman University, Virginia State University and Johnson and Wales University(Rhode Island). I knew I couldn’t afford either one of them, but I still paid the enrollment fee for the school closest to me, Bethune. Even though JWU offered me a $12,000 admissions scholarship, making the tuition less than Bethune’s especially after FAFSA. Why did I choose Bethune you may ask? Well, it’s closer to home and at the time, I was scared to leave my comfort zone, but at the same time, I wanted to be far enough to grow independently.

I also thought about the cost of tuition, I was never able to save up for college, I wanted to put the money I earned for doing chores and other things aside, but things came up…and I had to pay for it. I never had a job until literally a year ago. My mom thought I should pay attention more in school than work. Now that I have worked, I wish I did get a job in school, working has helped me learn how to speak up for what I want, but that’s something I would like to get into later.

After having some complications with the University’s Financial Office, I came to the conclusion that Bethune Cookman University was not the school for me, and that conclusion hit me, a week before I was suppose to move in. So I decided to take a gap year, I know a great deal of people hate that path, but if you know me, you know I always wanted to go to college, nothing is going to stop me from going, if it takes me 2 years to save money and get my mental health together, so be it! Everyone thinks that kids need to go to college straight after high school, or else. But you have to realize that some of these kids go through a lot in high school, that they need a break.

I mean look at how I started high school after what I’ve gone through, I started off horribly, but not too bad to get retained, but this being college, I don’t want to take any risks. Now that I think about it, everything does happen for a reason, it wasn’t just the money that held me back from starting school last year, I needed this time to grow/learn.

I honestly feel like I’m ready to start school mentally, definitely at a community college for the first two years then go to my dream school in Rhode Island.

A couple days before high school graduation

Am I financially ready? Hmm, maybe with financial aid and with a part time job I can surely start school. I got this!

The main thing that’s pushing me to go to school is my future journalism career. It’s calling for me. I suspect that with this college knowledge, especially with me intending on majoring in Mass Communications, it would help me a lot with Journalism. I plan on interning, joining the School’s News Paper, and if they don’t have one, I’ll just do my own interviews and such for my blog.

Hopefully with this experience I can live my dream, move to New York/New Jersey after accepting a job as a writer at a magazine company, if I don’t first end up in New York, I plan to move there eventually when I get the money. Then I work my way up from writer to Editor in Chief! I know it’s quite hard to get that position, but I have faith in myself, I’m still young and I know I will get there one day.


I finally started work, 3 months after graduating. When I say I was a nervous wreck, I was a freaking nervous wreck! The first interview in my life, it was a call center my mother use to work at before they changed the company’s name. There were 2 people I had to see and they both saw that I was nervous. I wouldn’t have gotten the job if I didn’t speak up. Because I didn’t have any work experience, they couldn’t find a position for me. I brought up how I was certified in Microsoft Office and Adobe Illustrator and she told me to wait a second and walked out of the office. She came back with some paper work and told me that I will be working for Apple chat , because of my 45 wpm typing speed and certifications, I would be perfect for the job. I mentally screamed and gave my self a pat on my back.

The second interview was basically answering interview questions about sales such as, how would you sell me this iPhone, how would you deal with a customer if…etc. and I ended up getting it. Training was for 3 weeks, we learned how to charm the customers, or sauce them up. Training taught me how to communicate with a customer without disappointing, even though it was sort of hard dealing with belligerent customers on the floor. Our trainer was a guy, but there was a woman who was also there, I expected her to be there as long as us, turns out she was just one of those trainers who wanted to be a supervisor so bad so she had to be a “Female Dog”. Everyone hated her, she would show up when we do end of week quizzes. The last end of week certification she made sure she was there, my co-workers and I would tease each other and be like, I hope you get her, because she was moving faster than our actual trainer and nearly failing most of them with negative feedback. Unfortunately, I got her. Certification was basically the trainers pretending to be a customer asking for information on the product or asking for help on buying a product. That’s what I did with her and surprisingly she loved me, the only negative thing she had to say about our chat were my spelling errors. I forgot what she said exactly, but I can remember her saying that…man I really wish I remembered. I just know that it boosted my confidence. Once I got to the floor with the real customers, I was nervous at first, but then when we actually started, it was a piece of cake.

Even on the floor I learned more on communicating, Customer Service and how to sell a product. This was literally the best job, ever! Unluckily for me, that came to an end when the department closed so they had to transfer everyone in Apple Chat to United Health Care. Mind you this is still my first job, I don’t know anything about Health Insurance, and they only gave us two weeks to train. I don’t know I just couldn’t do it. So I quit, I regret it, because the company paid well, but at the same time, I’m glad I did.

A month later, I moved to Jacksonville, to get that room to grow. After applying to many jobs, I finally got a job at the Chick Fil A. Funny story actually, I applied to be a Cow Mascot, but because it was a part time thing, one of the managers allowed me to choose which part I would like to work in, I told him the kitchen, because I have yet to deal with customers and I did not want to start right away.

My first day I was immediately scared of one of the managers, and I felt like she did not like me, she gave me a little tour of the kitchen, well at least from the kitchen door to the sink. After showing me how to wash my hands “The CFA way”, she led me to a girl who was dealing with fruit cups and parfaits. (I forgot to tell you guys, I only ate from Chick Fil A once before working there). The manager left me with her and the girl started to train me on the fruit cups first I believe. From the corner of my eyes I see other people rushing around, I hear people yelling, “Heard” “Burrito no hash”, etc. I was so overwhelmed. While the girl was dealing with whatever she was doing while I was suppose to watch, a supervisor walks in the kitchen asks the girl for a parfait, but she wasn’t getting to fixing it fast enough so you know what she says to me, “You know what, you’re going to do it, I need a parfait.” It didn’t sound as offensive as it did and trust me I am the most sensitive person ever, it was just the fact that I haven’t touched the food yet, so you know this was like about the first 30 minutes of learning prep.

I guess she knew that I never made it before so she guided me through it. With my shaky hands I listened to her directions and gave her the parfait. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until she took it from my hand. After that the prep girl, (Let me just say her name…well I’ll just say Vee, due to privacy reasons). After that Vee began to train me on how to make the salads, fruit cups, parfaits, and grilled wraps. This was almost close to lunch time so I haven’t seen her do exactly everything. The next day she tells me that she’s off on Saturday and I will be prepping by myself. I was scared crap-less, even though she said I was doing great and how I was a fast learner, I knew that this wouldn’t be a good idea, especially only being trained for two days. Saturday comes and I just get to work, at this time of course I don’t really know anyone so…it’s not like I meant to be rude, but I never use to say good morning out loud to them, which they do, but I was always scared of how my voice would sound when I spoke above my usual voice level.

Like I said, I got to work. I just remembered what Vee and I have done the last two days and did it, making lots of salads, and other things, and boy was I doing great. But the thing is…Chick Fil A closes on Sundays and if any food is left over Saturday night, they would have to put it in waste…meaning…wasting money. So that day, the supervisor who ordered me to make the parfait on my first day, she had to explain to me the routine especially on Saturdays. She then told me that I will be working by myself again and I would basically do what I did Saturday, on Monday through Friday instead. She (Cee) assured me that she would help me out and that’s when I wasn’t as nervous. After that Cee has been a big help, because of her experience of working at Chick Fil A, she knew mostly all of the rules. She made sure I knew every measurement, she would save me if I ever messed up an order. Which I would feel bad for because they wouldn’t tell me that I did something wrong, I guess because they saw how nervous I was and didn’t want me to be even more nervous. During the time Cee would help me, we would talk and get to know each other. She even offered to take me to work or home sometimes since we use to live close to each other. After that our friendship blossomed. We told each other things we wouldn’t just tell anyone. She understood my thinking with my anxiety. She got me out my shell.

Because of my friendship with Cee, and her helping me open up more as myself, I’ve gained some amazing friends at this Chick Fil A. They were, and still are so nice and they allowed me to fit in. They made my 4 months (almost 5) feel like a year or two. The manager who I was afraid of at first turned out to be one of the sweetest managers ever, she gave the same tough love my mother would, but tougher. I told her about my passion in writing and she would push me to keep going for it no matter how discouraged I get with it. I genuinely wish that I can name all the friends I made there and describe our friend ships, but that’s for another story.

I forgot! I’m not saying I was the best prep person, but basically I was good enough to train a couple of people on prep even new managers. I wasn’t as quick as Vee, or the workers who has been on prep way before me, but prep was my thing. I named the prep table and everything, if anyone messes with it, I would know and I would scold the guys for it. I say the guys because if Vee wasn’t in the kitchen, it was just Ms.Syl and I (the only girls in the kitchen), and I know she wouldn’t mess with “Pamela the prep table”(Don’t ask, in my previous post I said that whenever I’m I get to imagining, and being the only person working on prep everyday, Pamela was my imaginary baby, like I said don’t ask!) I had the most fun there and learned a couple of new things on cooking too.

After 6 months of living in Jacksonville, I decided to go back home. I was really upset that I had to leave my friends and part of my family, but when I I have an intuition, I follow it. It was not a mistake to go to Jacksonville, I went up there for a reason and I learned so many things living there. Just because I’m moving back to where I use to be does not mean I have given up, it just means that I have grown, now I’m ready to show off my skills, knowledge and abilities to the place that made me feel like I couldn’t gain those things. I do plan on visiting Jacksonville some time soon just to visit my Chick Fil A family.

I hope you enjoyed this long read, it wasn’t as emotional as the last one. This is the last part to the “About the blogger”, but I will be writing about my experiences and beliefs more, because I did miss a lot of moments. I realized I have a lot to write when it’s my life. Stuff that I want to tell people about, but having my speech problem, I would have to write it out.

That’s why I am a writer!

5 thoughts on “About the Blogger(Part 2)

  1. Valerie Merent says:

    I wud hav never imagined u to be so shy lik that. U seemed so outgoing and bright to me in skool. Excuse my slang i honestly only type properly while writing a paper or formal doct. but girl ur beautiful inside nd out, ur duper intelligent, nd lovely all in all. Continue to chase after ur dreams nd let no1 come in between that. Use all ur past obligations to guide u in life not to hold u back. Much Love!! 💕💕


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