Sciptober- Cozy Self Care/ Review

Today, I will be telling you guys about my cozy self care regime. It isn’t that cozy, but it’s my favorite routine to do twice a day. This routine will be very short.

First I start off by showering, the body wash I use is by Ari Nicole Collection. I am currently using the gel, Sunrise Rum, It makes my skin completely soft, even before I moisturize. It doesn’t lather the way I want it to, but I love it! After I finish using the gel, I will try to get the bar soap. After I shower I moisturize my body with Shea butter. If you are consistent with it, your skin will be smooth for days!

I then, brush my teeth.I hate brushing my teeth after washing my face, it feels like i’m just making my face dirty again. I brush my teeth for 3 minutes, to keep track of the time, I look for a 3 minute song and brush my teeth to it. After that I wash my face with Ari Nicole’s Facial/Body Cleanser Luminous Glow- Rose. That’s one thing I love about her products. She uses real flowers when making them. This bar soap made me officially give up on branded facial cleansers, no more neutrogena, Clearasil, Biore, etc. After two uses in one day, my skin felt so smooth and the little bumps I usually get on more forehead reduced.

As a pre-moisturizer for my face, I use Melao Skin Acne Clarifying Vitamin C Serum. This is literally my holy grail, for the past week that I have been using it, it has never dried out my face, even before the Shea butter. I can just put the serum on by itself and my skin wouldn’t need the butter. Because both Facial Cleanser and Serum touches on Evening skin tone and Acne and/or Blemishes, I feel like these two work perfect together, at least for my skin. With my dry skin, it’s kind of hard to find products to not over moisturize or over dry my face. I’m glad I’ve found these products.

Ratings and Price:

  • Ari Nicole- Sunrise Rum- 9.5/10 $6.50
  • Ari Nicole-Luminious Glow-Rose- 10/10 $8.00
  • Melao Vitamin C Serum- 10/10 $27.00

Happy Spooktober!

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