Tik Tok over College?

There’s an app that’s circulating the world that you may now be familiar with, Tik Tok. This app was launched in 2017, but became very popular in late 2018. This app was originally called Musically another platform based off, lip syncing, singing, dancing, etc. These apps are basically what keeps most teens busy, especially during this time.

I’ve joined Tik Tok, summer of 2019. You may have seen some tik tok ads like I’ve had, and I chose to ignore it because I thought it was a childish app, and I did not want to be labeled as part of today’s generation z, although I am. What got me to download the app was…well, boredom. I saw some tik tok videos on instagram, Twitter, even Facebook. Once I downloaded the app, I could never stop watching. Just like I promised not to download the app, I promised myself that I wouldn’t make any cringy tik toks…well I broke both promises. I don’t know how I could’ve stopped myself. The dances were very catchy, and it was just fun to learn the hard dances, like the Renegade dance, song: Lottery by K Camp, Dance by Jalaiah Harmon.

Just like Musically, you can lip sync, sing, dance, you can even find some aspiring actors, with bits called POV. For example, Pov: You’re reading my blog, just as simple as that. Most of those POV’s are so good that you may find some commenters tagging Netflix to sign the tik tokers. Even with Dancing, singing and lip syncing, they can also find their career opportunities.

Addison Rae

One of my favorite Tik Tokers is Addison Rae, her main focus on the app is dancing. When she was in high school she was a cheerleader, so there is no surprise her being a great dancer on Tik Tok. Her fame rose with one tik tok with her parents. I believe she got the ‘hype’ from that video, because you don’t see a lot of teens doing fun tik toks with their parents, well at the time you wouldn’t have. She is also known to be very confident with making tik toks in front of a whole bunch of people. I could NEVER! I can only do my tik toks when I’m alone, in my room or in the bathroom. 

This Rae of sunshine is just the sweetest. She’s probably the least problematic person on the app. She’s nice to everyone from what I see online. And unlike me, she’s a people person, her conversation skills are top notch, kind of makes me want to be her friend. Hopefully in the future when I’m a big time journalist I can interview her.

What made me write this was an article I came across, Addison attended Louisiana State University studying to be a sports broadcaster. However in 2019, she “resigned” from school and moved to Los Angeles to pursue in Tik Tok. To me I wouldn’t think that would be a good idea. Yes, like I said before some may find some career opportunities on the app, but how long will this app last. Like vine, there are some creators who found careers in acting, and others who moved onto youtube, but there also some old viners who were so funny with no career, and when they try to move onto YouTube, no luck with views. Unfortunately, they end up getting forgotten.

In a video with James Charles, makeup artist/ Youtuber / Tik Toker, she told him that if is wasn’t for Tik Tok she would still be in school studying sports broadcasting. If I were in her shoes, I would have stayed in school, at least re-enroll or transfer to online classes if it is a time problem. It is better to have a back up than relying just on tik tok. Another example is Musically, I just came across an old popular musically creator and she was speaking about how people ask her why she’s verified or why she isn’t’ famous anymore, “This $%#@ was called Musically back then, and B$%^# we don’t do musically no more we do dances, and a B$%^# I can’t dance.” 

If you look at her tik tok, you will be able to see a few of her old Musicallys but her more recent posts rarely have the same amount of likes as her old ones. On youtube she has 7.82K subscribers with only 560 views being her highest in the past 7 months. 

It is very easy to be forgotten on apps like these, so I do advise to have a back up. Like Meg The Stallion, she’s a full time rapper and also a full time student, and I admire her for that, because she can always fall back on her career that surrounds “Health Administration”.

Don’t get me wrong, I will support Addison with whatever decision she makes, but I wish she would’ve stayed in school. She would’ve been a great Host for TV in general, she has the personality, and she may get the opportunity to do so.

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