God’s Plan

I’ve learned that your business is not anyone else’s. No matter how good, no matter how bad, you should not have to tell everyone what’s going on.

You know how they say to never tell anyone what you wished for on 11:11 or what you wished for when you blew out your birthday candles? That’s equivalent to telling everyone your plans or the good things thats been happening in your life.

The only logical reason why I think it is a good idea to keep things to yourself, is because someone may reverse manifest on you.

For example, you tell someone, you’re planning to buy a lottery ticket with numbers you sure will win. That someone could possibly wish that you don’t win. Some people do it unknowingly, and will probably say, “there’s no way…”,” There’s a one and a million chance you’d win.”

This isn’t me just talking out of my behind. I’ve experienced this before. I use to post about what I plan to do to become successful, like school, work, etc. And everytime I post it. Those plans never go through. Then one day, I decided to delete social media and just start working on myself . My plans slowly, but surely began to go through. This made me realize that someone was wishing for my plans to fail.

God makes special plans for you to follow. If you tell everyone the plans he gave you, and they see that you are very passionate about it, they can be a bit envious and wish failure into your life.

There would be so many times where I wish I could tell my friends everything, but I choose to keep it to myself because, I’d rather tell them when a goal was accomplished due to those plans. Because I can’t tell my friends. I always write to God. I tell him how I feel about those plans and I even I tell him how I think the outcome will be.

Remember to keep everything on the DL, someone out there may pray on your downfall. If you can’t speak to anyone, try speaking to God. He’s a great listner, and I’ve learned that, not too long ago.

Although God can’t speak back to you. He always replies in the most magnificent ways. Like right now I want to tell you all, all of the good things God has done for me, but I’ll just keep that on the DL.

Always have faith in God, because he has plans for you and only you. He doesn’t give you plans to share with anyone else. He wants to see you succeed and follow your own path.

I would like yo use another example, because I know there are alot of young, aspiring musicians, youtubers, writers, tik tokers, etc. who wants to go down that path. However, I see a lot of people degrading them and telling them that they should finish school, or try a different career.If you feel that something is your calling, go for it.

You may get thoughts that it may not work, but remember to always make an effort, don’t give up too easily.

There will be times where I feel like, writing isn’t for me, but once I get in front of a pen and paper or computer screen, I can just write/type all day.

Like now, I feel like this post could be more articulate, but another part of me feels like I should keep it the way it is, because it’s me. Sometimes your own thoughts could manifest your failure. Always think positive because, thinking positive will only manifest positivity in to your life.

I hope you can use this advice, because I only wish the best for everyone. I hate seeing everyone feel like they failed. There is no timing on success, as long as you work hard and think on the brighter side of things, you might just accomplish your goals.

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