Chef by Day, Nail Tech by Night: Chef Lioness

Candy “Chef Lioness” Forbes is a Nail Technician and Chef. I met her through a friend from high school, and ever since she did my nails, I have not gone to anyone else.

Candy is 39 years old and she first discovered her passion for doing nails, when she got her first set of acrylics at 14 years old. Her passion for cooking started at only 3 years old, when she would cook next her grand mother.

I asked her which passion would she lean towards more, and she says that she loves them both equally.

“God gave me the gifts of talent and passion.”

Candy Forbes

Candy has been cooking officially for 30 years and decided that she wanted to ‘extend her creativity into more interests’. That is when she went to nail school and accomplished her goal in learning how to do nails.

Being a self employed nail technician, you have to try your hardest to build clientele. Yes, you can rent a booth at nail salons, but in today’s world, people can be so envious of your success. Just like the salons Candy worked at. Candy was the reason why the salons’ had so many clients. There will be clients who would walk in to request Candy, and if she wasn’t there, they’d just leave. I guess neither salons’ liked that so they let her go. However, that did not stop her from doing nails. Even while she was working at the nail salon, she had her own personal business as a mobile nail tech. So when they let her go, she continued with traveling to her clients homes to do their nails.

I remember when she came over to do my nails and can I just say, Candy has soo much patience. While my mom was sleeping I had to watch my 3 year old sister and every second, I had to stop Candy from doing my nails to handle her. Even through all of that, we talked, just about about everything, she even fixed my nail that I broke at my job. Usually at any other nail salon, they don’t tend to your nails. At least the salons I went to, they just through the acrylics on, hence them falling off 2 days later.

After she did my nails that time, she spoke with my mother about where to find a new home, and thanks to her, we were able to get a home a month later. She’s not only a talented nail technician or wonderful chef, but she is also an amazing human being. As a chef and nail tech, she says that her main goal is to help others smile and relax.

“Life isn’t easy but the moments I can step in and help someone feel bliss to forget their worries even for 30 mins can change a persons life.”

That is one thing Candy and I have in common. I always enjoy bringing positivity into people’s lives. When I do things for people, I never expect anything from them, but a smile. Seeing someone else happy makes me happy. That’s something Candy does on a daily basis with her two careers.

I have yet to try her food, but from presentation, I know it tastes DELICIOUS.

Candy Forbes will soon be known everywhere by her caring personality, wonderful cooking and amazing nail care. When she is passionate about something she will work towards it, and she does it well!

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