Top 7 Stores to Shop on a Budget

I wouldn’t consider myself a shopaholic, however if I were to shop somewhere and they have nice clothes and other products that I love for a great price, I am definitely maxing out my credit card. In this article, I will be introducing you to some of the stores that I shop at on a budget.

  1. Ross- Dress for Less

Ross lives up to their slogan! Most of the clothing items here are below $30 and some of them are name brand. Not only do they sell clothes, but they also provide, purses, shoes, stationery, toys, electronics (speakers, headphones),body fragrances, and even suitcases! Ever since I shopped at Ross I always told myself that even when I become famous and/or wealthy, you will still catch me there. Ross is where I mainly purchase my t-shirts, purses and if I need to get a gift for someone. Whether it is for my mom, dad, baby sister, or a friend, almost everything is there, for a really great price. Ross is Definitely my go to store!

2. Rainbow

Rainbow is one of the best clothing stores. They have cute modern clothing that you can rock at a job interview, the club, a graduation, dinner or even as everyday wear. I have been shopping at Rainbow with my mom ever since I was a kid. This is where I’d get my jeans, blouses, and slippers. As I grew older and earned my own money, I started moving on to the dresses, skirts and heels. If you are a fashionista, you can create a whole outfit with each article in this store. I would also like to add that Rainbow offers a Plus-Sized section which I am really jealous of, because they have cuter clothes than the section I shop in.

3. dd’s Discounts

dd’s discounts offers so many discounted clothing. I’d like to compare it to Ross because it offers a lot of items as you can see in the image above. Of course they have different items, however they are so similar, except Ross is a bit cheaper. Don’t get me wrong, dd’s has some great discounts for amazing clothes, shoes, home decor, car accessories, etc. dd’s is also a childhood store I have been shopping at for years now, so you know they provide awesome products.

4. Marshalls

I must admit that Marshalls is a bit more expensive than the last three stores I introduced, but they have amazing clothing and their skin care/hair care products are unbelievably cheap. Just last week I shopped in Marshalls and purchased some skin and hair care products like face oil and almost an entire set of Aunt Jackie’s hair products. I have heard astonishing reviews on Aunt Jackie’s Hair Line. It’s great for my type of hair which is Low Porosity 4c. It is very hard for me to find products that are right for me, and the fact that I found most of what I needed at Marshall’s for a low price, is amazing! Now I shop at Marshalls for mainly skin care, hair care and home decor. The clothing and the shoes are all so cute, just a bit pricey for me!

5. Romwe/Shein

Romwe and Shein has to be best online retail stores ever! They are both under the same company, and have some of the same clothing items, but they have different prices for most. I enjoy shopping on these online boutiques because they have a ton of cute clothing. Not only do they sell clothes, but they also have stationary items, home/room decor, costumes, makeup, etc. Although the deals may be risky, as long as you check the reviews, you will never get disappointed. I’ve become so confident in the items I have purchased, these stores even helped my change my wardrobe completely. I 10/10 recommend shopping on these sites, if you love dressing up. You can put an outfit together and rock it with your confidence.

6. Fashion Nova

If you haven’t heard of Fashion Nova, where have you been? Fashion Nova was initially an online ‘fast fashion retail company’, now they have 5 stores in California. Fashion Nova has collaborated with many well know celebrities like, Cardi B, Megan The Stallion, Teyana Taylor, Saweetie, and many more. When I first heard of Fashion Nova, I thought it was overhyped and overprice, until a few years ago a close family friend of mine offered to purchase my homecoming dress and recommended I look on FN. I was hesitant at first because most of their models are plus size or curvy. At the time I was only 115 pounds and had very limited options to choose from to look confident in. I chose a $29 half long half short dress in red, because it seemed to be the safest option to choose from. 2 days later that close family friend brought down my dress and had me try it. To say I was shocked, would be an understatement. That dress showed off curves I never thought I had. It fit so well, the color complimented my skin and the material felt really nice, it didn’t feel cheap. Ever since then I’ve only had great things to say about Fashion Nova. Every now and then I would purchase jeans from there, being that not a lot of stores has fitted jeans or jeans that are the right length for me. I 10/10 recommend fashion nova, their clearance is amazing, the material is amazing and it is well worth it.

7. Walmart

I believe a lot of people sleeps on Walmart. Not only do they sell food, home decor, kitchen appliances, plants, etc; but they also sell Clothes, really nice clothes. For a while, I would look at Walmart as just a grocery store, until I had to find work pants, while browsing for those, I came a across some cute tops and cardigans, sweatpants and shorts, and please don’t get me started on the bathing suits. Walmart’s Slogan is, “Save Money. Live Better” and they go by that. You can find various clothing items and purchase all for under $100. I would probably rate Walmart 8.5/10, only because it is not a full clothing store so you can’t really expect the, material to be 100% perfect, other than that the styles are top notch!

If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share with your friends, they may need to be put on to some stores that they can shop at on a budget!

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