Pay it Forward

I really enjoy giving to others, not in hopes that I will get something in return, but the fact that I can make anyone’s day. I love seeing the smile on someone’s face when they receive something they’ve always wanted or smile because no one has ever given them anything, so they are grateful for basically anything. When I was in high school, I would give gifts to some of my class mates and friends even though I didn’t have a lot. They would always say, “Aww, you didn’t have to…”, but I wanted to. Whether I knew that person for a month or one year, if they have ever been nice to me, listened to me when I felt like I was being ignored, helped me with my homework, laughed at my jokes or even just said “Hi Rikenya!” when we would cross paths in the hallway, in my heart I just feel like I owe them. It’s like rewarding someone for being a great person.

Not only do I give to people I know, but I love giving to people in need. When I would ride along with my mom through town, every stop light there is a homeless person holding a sign asking for food or money. Any other person would say, “Don’t give them money, they would just spend it on drugs or alcohol.” Although that may be true, you cannot be 100% sure what they’re going to use the money for. It could be for food, a winter coat, shoes, maybe even a toothbrush and toothpaste. I can never judge anyone for what they do with the money I give them, I mean I hope they use it for something that they need rather than just drugs, but whatever they do with it, is not my responsibility. I chose to give them money, it is their’s now.

There are videos that go around of people giving food, money, clothes, and other necessities. It really warms my heart when I watch them because, they choose to give, no one is forcing them to. It makes me so happy to see that there are good people out there. Jimmy Darts, is an example. He is a tiktoker who collects money from his followers, and whatever they request he does, i.e., “Ask strangers for a penny and give the first person to give you one $500.” You may think it’s very easy to just get one penny, but there are people out there who’d be disgusting to this guy and he just smiles, he doesn’t take it personal at all. He has helped so many people out and I am also glad to see that over 18 Million people view these good deeds. It may inspire others to do the same, like me. I always think about, when I become wealthy, I will give to those in need, pay for someone’s college tuition, pay for someones groceries, buy a homeless person warm clothes and hygiene necessities. I’d love to do it now, but I am a struggling college student with a part time job, even then I still give as little change that I have to anyone who asks.

Because I don’t have much, I still give. I would love to see you guys pay it forward, just give. A rose, money, food, a shoulder to cry on, etc. No matter what It is, just give and I promise you, you will feel so warm inside for making others smile. Even if someone rejects the offer and looks at you like a crazy person, just keep a smile on your face and move on. Some people aren’t used to others treating them so nicely, and that’s okay because I see a change in this world. If everyone is nice and giving it will inspire others to be the same. It can start with you.


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