Dream Date

I originally wrote this post in my notebook, very detailed and at the time I was able to actually think about what I wanted to post. Unfortunately the notebook was left at a friend’s house and I was not able to retrieve it before Valentine’s Day, and I had a lot of posts planned for this week. So I guess I will just think of what I wrote, it is my ‘Dream Date’ after all. (I just like how it was well written then) You know what, let’s just get into it.

In my 19 1/2 years of life, I’ve never had a boyfriend or first kiss. As time goes by my expectations keeps rising, especially with all the Romance movies I watch. But It’s not that hard to impress me, I just love effort. The smallest things will impress me. You can make me a picnic with my favorite food and I’ll be in love. When you pick me up for our date, you can simply give my Mother and Sister little gifts, it could be as small as chocolates or flowers. Their opinions are very important to me, so you impressing them along with impressing me will be a huge plus!

Let’s get started, but first let’s start with being asked out on this date. Like I said, I love effort. I don’t mind you sliding in my DMs, I actually prefer that than in person, but if you slide in my DMs with, “When you gon let me take you on a date?” or “I’m never gon have a chance with you.” I will likely tell you I’m not ready to date, which is true, but mostly I’m not ready to date you. First of all you need to at least start a conversation, get to know me, so you can ask me properly. For example, “I know this place with bomb Bacon Cheeseburgers, maybe you can come along with me and see if it beats ‘Apple bee’s’ burgers.” I love Bacon Cheeseburgers. The fact that you can acknowledge what I like and inviting me along, is effort enough. It doesn’t have to be what I like either. For example, “You never had (Gyros, Greek Tacos, In n’ Out Randy’s Donuts, etc.)?! You’re missing out. You know what, I’m taking you out to try it, are you free Friday?” You inviting me to try the things you like will push me to like you more.

I don’t like to read between the lines, so if you’re flirting with me, I’m going to need you to be straight up. I am really slow when it comes to flirting. At this point I don’t know if I have ever been flirted with. I overthink alot, so times where I think guys are flirting, I’m already thinking that they like me, but then they end up not liking me…I guess I read that wrong. Then if they ever were…I’m sorry because I never noticed.

Let me not say straight up, because there are some things I don’t like guys saying to me, it sometimes make me feel uncomfortable. Example, “I’ll get you to talk to me beautiful.” or “Do you have a boyfriend? I bet all the boys line up for you.” Like I said, Start a conversation with me, and maybe I’ll be more comfortable with them saying things like that.

Now let’s get started with the date. I’m not going to go into deep detail, because we will be here for weeks.

Photo by Mikechie Esparagoza on Pexels.com

I always pictured my first date to be at a beach with a picnic. Of course a day where it is not windy. I want it to be just the two of us first. As we eat we’re getting to know each more. Things we didn’t tell each other over the phone. I’m horrible at making conversation in person, but if they can help me get more comfortable, then we can move on to the fun!

After the picnic I would like to go Roller Skating, Bowling, an Arcade, Laser Tag, maybe even the park, any where fun. If I wasn’t talking during the picnic, the adrenaline will definitely get me talking. Then I would love to go out for ice cream, or donuts. Mood tones down a bit before we go home, we talk some more.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

We can take this time to talk about our intentions with each other. That’s one thing about me, I’d also rather them be straight up with how they feel about me, I’d hate to be led on. They can be honest and say that they need more time to get to know me first and then they can be sure, because I’d say the same. That’s the whole point of dating right? Getting to know the other person before the labels.

When we’re done with our Donuts or ice cream, we go home. I won’t lie to you, I would love if my date walked me to my door, and not for a goodnight kiss, because I don’t want to rush into that. But to make sure I get inside safely, that shows how much they care for me. Well maybe they’ll get a kiss on the cheek.

I want to make sure they also get home safely, so I do expect a call or a text.

That’s it! Simple. We can even split the bills, or I pay for one place and they pay for the other, I don’t mind. The day I have this date will be one of the happiest days of my life.

Just remember, Start a conversation!

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