Upcoming Artist: Kelo Bxtch

Kelo Bxtch is a 23 year old rapper who was born and raised around Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He got into music for about 3 years and he mostly writes about his personal experiences.

He began writing music because of the living conditions he was in and he had no other way to vent about his problems.

That’s one thing I love about music. I like to listen to music to destress and it makes me forget all about my problems. However most people, like Kelo, write music about their issues and it makes them feel relieved that they were able to let everything out in a creative way.

One of Kelo’s biggest goals is to inspire people. Not just anyone, but inspire the people who feel alone, who feels depressed, even the people who are growing up, or grew up in poverty.

“We are all great, no one is better than the other.”

-Kelo Bxtch

Kelo wants to make someone who is in the position he is in or was in and inspire them to reach for their goals. I know him personally, and he is a guy who likes to hustle. He works hard for what he wants.

I asked Kelo what’s something new that he could bring into the music industry and I really liked his response. He says that he would like to bring creativity, because everyone else tries to be the next Kodak Black or Young Thug. Kelo wants to bring his own style to the music industry, and be the next Kelo Bxtch.

What I also liked about Kelo, was that he was not afraid to admit that he plans to hone his rapping skills. He is open to making room for improvement. So in other words, his music is already as good as it is, imagine what his music will sound like a year from now.

“This is only the beginning, I’m now going full throttle with my music…shooting for the stars, 623 love never hate!”

-Kelo Bxtch

Kelo is looking to continue to use his platform for good, no matter how small or how big he gets. With what’s going on today, its good to bring awareness with music. “I’ll use it to help my folks around me and the community.” Growing up in Broward county, kids are always perceived to be nothing in the future. Kelo uses his music, and platform to show that you can go from nothing to something with dedication.

I know he is very dedicated in his music, because, he says that when he gets the fame he has always dreamed of, he would like to change for the better, mindset wise. He looks at current rappers and see the mistakes they make and, he learns from them.

I can see Kelo with the same fame as Lil Durk and Lil Uzi. I know he can make it big if he keeps up the great work. I only advise him that he does not flaunt his fame, or doesn’t change himself for the worse just to get more clout. I see a lot of celebrities who feed their fame from hate, but I only wish Kelo gets famous because people actually like him for him.

Check Out His Music Down Below!

Kelo – BANJO -Recent Release

 Kelo Bxtch & ShaunitoGoHard – 3P Collab Tape

Kelo – No Handouts

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