December Bucket List

After a long hectic year, it is finally my favorite month of all! December. This month means alot to me, although it should be shown all year round, December is a month where almost everyone shows kindness to one another. Starting today I’m going to follow a bucket list for the month of December. Something about the Christmas season makes me want to be more productive.

  1. Make Smores
  2. Give someone flowers
  3. Watch Christmas movies for 12 days straight
  4. Write a letter to Santa
  5. Bake X-mas treats
  6. Donate Toys and Clothes
  7. Get a picture with Santa
  8. Pay for someone’s meal
  9. Decorate Christmas Tree
  10. Drink Hot Chocolate with Big Marshmallows
  11. Exchange gifts with Family and Friends
  12. Make EggNog
  13. Have a Holiday Photoshoot
  14. Watch Christmas Lights
  15. Have a Small Christmas get together
  16. Decorate My Room for Christmas
  17. Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater
  18. Leave out Cookies for Santa
  19. Buy an Advent Calendar
  20. Get a Kiss under the mistletoe
  21. Make a Christmas Music Playlist
  22. Make DIY Christmas Decor
  23. Open a Small gift on Christmas Eve
  24. Wrap Christmas Presents
  25. Have a very Merry Christmas

The items on this list will definitely get me motivated to get in the Christmas spirit. Feel free to follow along! Christmas isn’t just about presents, it’s about being kind and giving. So make sure you do something nice for someone.

Happy Holidays!!

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