Women’s Herstory Month

It is finally women’s history month! Although women deserve appreciation everyday of the year, we can take advantage of this month. For years, women went through alot. First they were held in their homes to just cook, clean and take care of their children. They had no say in anything. They couldn’t even work. Knowing myself, I know I could not live like that.

Women can’t even walk alone, day or night, without getting harassed/assaulted. No matter the age, women are mistreated and disrespected because of their gender. But, at the end of the day, you can never call a woman weak. From their menstrual cycle to pregnancy to being assaulted to being body shamed. We still accomplish more things any man can do.

For this post I would love to show appreciation to the women who has inspired me.

  1. Mirabella Grace– I’ve discovered her back in 2018, just because I was in love with the name Mirabella or Mirabelle. All I did was search up the name and came across the Great Mirabella Grace. Former Editor in Chief of Vogue magazine, before Anna Wintour. Mirabella inspires me because of her journey in the journalism industry. In 1952 she was hired as an assistant at Vogue and was soon promoted to EIC in 1971. The one thing that moved me was that she was fired from Vogue because they wanted someone younger, so they fired her and replaced with Anna Wintour. No one told her, she only found out she was fired through the news. Do you know what she did afterwards? She published her own magazine named, Mirabella, in 1989. At the start, she had 400,000 readers. Unfortunately her last issue was in 2000. From what I read so far about Mrs. Grace inspires me so much because she never gave up. She never let society get to her. She took that failure as pathway to her success and she mastered it well. What an icon!

2. J.K. Rowling – The most famous and talented author in the world. The woman who created Harry Potter and the world he lives in. The very first time I read Harry Potter was when I was 10 years old. It was the Chamber of Secrets, yes I know I skipped The Sorcerer’s Stone but at the time it was the only thing available for me. I didn’t believe I could finish all 500 hundred pages let alone in 3 days, but I did it. This woman’s imagination inspired me to write my own book and if you read about me in my About the Blogger post, you’d know that this was around the time I first got into writing. After years of knowing about J.K. Rowling, I found out that she sent in her Harry Potter Manuscript to 13 publishing houses. THIRTEEN. And was rejected by 12. I would have probably given up by the 3rd. Rowling kept going and never gave up until the 13th publishing house who finally gave her the thumbs up. The funny thing is, that publishing house’s chairman’s eight year old daughter reviewed the manuscript and wanted more from Rowling. Imagine becoming the most successful author in the world because of an eight year old girl!

3. Rihanna- Rihanna is one of my favorite celebrities. I remember performing Take a Bow in front of my grandma’s nail shop with my big cousin and little sister when I was about 9 years old. Every single one of her songs were a bop. From Pon de Replay, Umbrella, Unfaithful, Man Down, Rude Boy, FourFiveSeconds…you know what I mean. For years Rihanna blessed our ears with her songs until 2016. She dropped her last album and began working on Fenty Beauty, which she released that next year, 2017. Ever since then people kept coming for her for not dropping music. I don’t blame her. Today’s society has gotten worse and no matter what any celebrity does, no one can be made happy. So she did what made her happy and that’s make more money from a different industry, the makeup industry. Within one month of the release there was an estimate of $72 million in sales. Rihanna didn’t just sell any makeup. She sold makeup that everyone could use. Anyone who couldn’t find their shade, Rihanna had it. Because of that, other makeup brands started to come out with more shades for paler and darker skin types. Yes, Rihanna did that! This didn’t stop her though. She released Savage x Fenty in 2018, a lingerie line. Robyn Fenty is someone who knows how to make money in anyway possible and I feel like she’s coming out with more, just wait and see.

4. KeKe Palmer- Singer, Actress, Dancer, and Comedian, what can she not do? The first movie I’ve seen her in was Akeelah and the Bee. She was the true definition of representation for me. Skinny, black, braids, glasses, even the little gap she had. She made me comfortable with being the person that I was. Even though she was acting, she made me get into spelling. So for every spelling quiz I had, I would pat my right leg when I was trying to remember how to spell a word. Her personality and talent got her where she is today. First, movies, to her own show, her music career, to becoming a co-host to a Daytime talk show. KeKe Palmer is a woman I’ve grown up and watched succeed. She never let fame change her.She’s still the same funny KeKe from way back then and she inspires me alot for that.

This article would be hours long if I fit every single women who has inspired me. So I plan to post every week about inspirational women. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read. I hope the women I’ve included inspires you to work harder and accomplish your goals to become more successful.

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